Below are a series of roles by which you can become involved with Emile Cohl Atelier, please indicate your interest via the form below and we will be in contact shortly.



Our goal is to build rapport with leadership of these programs as a source of motivated, creative and talented young people (over the age of 12) who should learn about programs offered by Emile Cohl as early as possible.


Key Responsibilities: research and connect with local extracurricular programs for youth: after school arts programs, arts projects around local high schools, technology hackathons and more.



Entertainment design careers connect with advertising firms, technology companies, gaming studios and of course film studios. Each of these offer employment or apprenticeship opportunities for Emile Cohl candidates, and we need help building and maintaining bridges to firms in these categories with an eye towards a successful match between the employing firm and our trained candidate taking their first steps in their professional career.


Key Responsibilities:  this role is for someone with some familiarity with the entertainment design industry, who also cares for the advancement of our young candidates as they forge pathways for their future.



No one receives an Oscar and thanks no one. Especially creative talent needs a large cast of supporting figures, typically over time and through both lows and extreme joys. As someone with some experience to share and a generous nature, we help you channel your energy to a deserving young candidate and monitor that it’s a productive use of your time and energy.


Key Responsibilities: traditional concept of mentorship, on a highly individualized basis you help candidates on a one-to-one basis with the private side of life as they transition to young professionals. 



Patrick Stewart has a lot of acting parts for a reason: many people need the insights of a super genius. We are no different. It would be great to have access to your perspective and suggestions if you, at least in metaphor, resemble the assertive smarts of Mr Stewart. Areas of input could include the shifting business landscape of entertainment, technology trends shaping media products, marketing and audience trends, new techniques for educating online, and more.


Key Responsibilities: Identify a few broad areas for your insights and develop a dialogue with the appropriate reciprocal person within Emile Cohl leadership. You may need to don special headwear if your mental powers continue to grow.

All Supporter roles are reviewed on a six-month basis to ensure that you are happy with our commitments to you and your time, and also so that we keep your support front-of-mind to best make use of your generous support.As we work to generate community and culture for Emile Cohl Atelier as a leading light for creative education we intend to offer programs for professionals, talks and other events which bring people together. Our supporters are a key audience for these activities and you will be very much in the loop as plans develop.

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