Turn Your Art School Dream Into an Admitted Reality

Dreams of going to a prestigious art school or selected programs start early. The problem is, it’s difficult to understand exactly what it takes to get accepted. The answer is simple: from coast to coast–from CalArts to the Savannah College of Art + Design and every premier art institute in between–drawing fundamentals are the key component of your consideration for admission. The Emile Cohl Atelier Preparatory School Program is designed specifically for early adopters to hone their skill set by focusing on artistic fundamentals and portfolio design. Need more info? DOWNLOAD OUR BROCHURE.

ECA welcomes all high school students who want to captivate admission boards at art schools across the nation, to help them stand out among the top applicants and solidify their positions at the art institute of their choice. Are you ready to etch your future in stone? Let’s get started.

Rigorously structured 16-week sessions

Focuses on college admission

Certificate of completion upon graduation

In-person courses (Los Angeles)

A la carte courses, Mon-Fri 4pm-7pm

Honing skills from concept to completion

Up to 230+ hours of courses per session

2 sessions/year (Mar-Jun & Sep-Dec)

Art Atelier Preparatory Program Designed Around Student Life

All ECA preparatory program courses cover the essential admission requirements art schools and the Emile Cohl Atelier Career Accelerator Program desire and can be explored during a single course or by combining several courses per session.

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 12.43.15

Monday or Wednesday 4pm – 7pm PST | Figure Drawing & Anatomy $1,500

Art school admission boards and other selective art programs look for applicants who have a firm understanding of and ability to produce fundamental figure drawings. This course covers the essentials of anatomy, character design, acting and posing for artists, and ends with a dedicated portfolio design session to prepare students for admission essays and interviews.

Documentary Study 2

Tuesday 4pm – 7pm PST | Observation Drawing $1,500

Observation Drawing is essential to all art institute applicants’ portfolio success and requires realistic hand-drawn reproductions of each artist’s examination of those objects. Our Observation Drawing course includes insight and perspective to successfully achieve prop design, plaster drawing, still life, and basic life drawing skills and ends with a dedicated portfolio design session to prepare students for admission essays and interviews.

Antoine Rota

Thursday 4pm – 7pm PST | Traditional 2D Animation $1,500

Leading art institutes require applicants to submit a short, animated film with their portfolios to be considered for admission. This requirement displays the applicant’s ability to put the totality of their artwork — from background, design, characters, and props — into motion for consideration as a streamlined project. Our Traditional 2D Animation course offers a solid foundation in 2D animation that can be applied to computer-generated images and 3D technology by focusing on hand-drawn, frame-by-frame animation and ends with a dedicated portfolio design session to prepare students for admission essays and interviews.

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FRIDAY 4pm – 7pm PST | Perspective & Background Design $1,500

Learn to put your characters, props, and storytelling elements into perspective and bring your illustrations to life. Our Perspective & Background Design course covers the fundamentals of background design, perspective, basic life drawing, and set design to highlight a range of thematic content within your portfolio. This course allows students to use their portfolio as a platform to demonstrate their ability to master the creative process from concept to completion and ends with a dedicated portfolio design session to prepare students for admission essays and interviews.

Explore Our Adaptable Preparatory School Program Sessions

Prospective art institute or other selective art program students are invited to explore our versatile Prep School Program by choosing courses that allow them to build their portfolios for success. ECA offers two sessions per year and operates from 4pm-7pm, so high school students can hone their creative skills without interfering with their existing obligations. Whether you are interested in a single course or prefer to enroll in multiple topics using a discounted rate during the same session, ECA has what you need to stand out during the admission process. ECA offers scholarships to the most deserving & qualifying students. Learn more on our Prep School Scholarship Program HERE.


03/01/2022 – 06/27/2022

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08/22/2022 – 12/14/2022

Download the complete schedule now, which includes time off for Labor Day, Veterans Day, and the Thanksgiving holiday. 


For over 35 years, our Emile Cohl school in France has helped place hundreds of students in some of the most selective art institutes around the globe and has transferred that dedication to Los Angeles. Our ECA Prep School instructors are working professionals who are highly experienced in their fields and dedicated to delivering expert advice, instruction, and guidance for high school artists who want their portfolios and interview skills to stand apart from other applicants.

Ramon Hurtado

Figure Drawing & Anatomy

Roberto Jaramillo

Observation Drawing

Jorgen Klubien

Traditional 2D Animation

Kenny Mok

Perspective & Background

Caroline Hu

Admissions Guidance


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