We offer scholarships for talented students to access art instruction.

At Emile Cohl Atelier, we believe in promoting unique artist perspectives that will add a valuable voice to the global animation industry, regardless of the student’s ability to pay for a formal art education. Our scholarship selection process is based on an art assessment and essay, which assess an applicants’ skills in relation to personality and motivation. The application deadline for the Spring 2022 session is February 25th, 2022 at 12pm PST.Late applications will be automatically disqualified. Applicants will be notified of their scholarship status no later than Feb 21st, 2022.

Emile Cohl Atelier’s Preparatory School Program equips participants with the resources and tools they need to maximize their admission opportunities through finely curated courses led by skilled instructors who provide creative guidance and portfolio design sessions to prepare students for admission essays and interviews. Scholarships are merit-based and applicants must meet all of the listed requirements.

Reside close enough to our campus to attend in-person

Be 16 years old or older on the first day of instruction

Have interest in pursuing post-secondary arts education (Calarts, Ringling, ECA Career Accelerator)

Qualify as a Low, Very Low, or Extremely Low Income Level according to laalmanac.com

Submit the skills assessment & essay on or before the deadline

Should you have questions about the Scholarship Program such as deadlines, age requirements, portfolio pictures, or any general enquiry, please check the Preparatory School section of our FAQ page before contacting us.

I certify that my household qualifies as a Poverty and Lower Living Income.

I can commute to the Los Angeles campus after-school.

I certify that I will be 16+ years old on the first day of school.

Copy/paste your essay here. When you think about your future, where do you see yourself going and how does our Prep Program fit into your plan? (Max 500 words)

Attach 1 FIGURE DRAWING image you made. Must be hand-drawn. Full figure only. Both nudes or clothed accepted. (2 Mb maximum, .jpg or .png only).

Attach 1 STILL LIFE drawing you made (apple, flowers, drapes, etc). Must be hand-drawn. (2 Mb maximum, .jpg or .png only).

Attach 1 CAFE/ENVIRONMENT drawing you made (natural landscape, urban setup, room interior, etc). Must be hand-drawn. (2 Mb maximum, .jpg or .png only).

I accept the terms & conditions.


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