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The following terms and conditions apply when you submit an application for the Emile Cohl Art Academy, registered company in California as Emile Cohl US (“ECAA”).



  1. Introduction


1.1 These terms and conditions represent an agreement between ECAA and you, a prospective student. By submitting an application, you accept these terms and conditions in full, along with ECAA’s rules, regulations, policies and procedures and the most recently published Student Handbook, form the contract between you and ECAA in relation to your studies at the school as amended from time to time pursuant to Clause 1.3 (the “Contract”).


1.2 If you have any questions or concerns about these terms and conditions, please contact ECAA’s Admissions Department at or +1 (323) 315-2323 ext.1.


1.3 Any amendments made by ECAA to the Contract will be made available on ECAA’s website, which you should consult regularly. In the event that we are required to make any significant changes to the Contract, we shall take reasonable steps to bring these changes to the attention of affected students as soon as reasonably practicable.


1.4 Some programs & softwares may require you to agree to the terms and conditions of professional bodies or third-party providers. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you also agree to abide by any relevant professional bodies’ terms and conditions.



  1. Application Process


2.1 It is your responsibility to ensure that all of the information you provide to ECAA is true and accurate.


2.2 If it is discovered that your application contains incorrect or fraudulent information, ECAA may withdraw or amend your application, or terminate your registration at our school, according to the circumstances. Pursuant to Clause 4.5, application fees are non-refundable.


2.3 If you have not fulfilled the conditions of your application before the date notified to you in your application or any other date notified to you, ECAA reserves the right to withdraw your application or defer it to the next year of entry.  Pursuant to Clause 4.5, application fees are non-refundable.


2.4 Application steps:


2.4.1 You will first be asked to enter personal information and to acknowledge that you can legally study on ECAA’s campus located in Los Angeles, California, for the full length of the program; that you will be 18 years old or over on the first day of school; that you are willing to study on ECAA’s campus; that you understand application fees are non-refundable; and that you understand that ECAA’s does not guarantee the deliverability of the third-parties partners’ gifts.


2.4.2 You will then be asked to upload a portfolio through the SlideRoom portal. It has to be in .PDF format, and under 10 MB. The file shall include pictures ONLY, and no other info, such as, but not limited to, name, email, links, texts or personal photos. The file shall include a minimum of fifteen works YOU personally and entirely created. Pease join a minimum of three realistic works in EACH of the five following categories:

– Matter: any physical object, including cloths, tools, vehicles,

– Organic: any natural element, including plants, fruits, and vegetables,

– Breathing: any living organism, including people, insects, and animals,

– Landscape: any single viewpoint of scenery, including urban, rural, and fantastic,

– Unrestricted: any demonstration of your unique talent and style.


2.4.3 If you are selected for round two, you will be asked to proceed with a full-day, on-site logic and skills test. The campus address is 2828 S Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90007. The precise meeting day and hour will be provided to you at least 30 days in advance. You will be asked to stay on campus from 8am PST to 5pm PST. All art supplies and material will be provided to you. No show and late arrivals will result in cancellation of your application.


2.4.4 If you are selected for the third and final round, you will be asked to submit a 5 minutes video cover letter. Videos will be reviewed by a panel of non-biased, third-party psychologists & recruiters to determine your ability to learn, grow, fit in a group, and challenge your expectations and motivation to both join our program and work in the Gaming, Animation, Illustration or VFX industries. You will be given a 2 week notice to send you video via email or FTP to


2.4.5 The final 40 candidates will be enrolled in our 3-year tuition-free program and will be notified of their enrollment before April 1st 2020. The other finalists of the third round will be listed on a waiting list and will be notified of a potential enrollment on September 1st 2020 at the latest.



  1. Partners’ gifts


3.1 By submitting your application, you will be given gifts from our partners in the form of promo codes, downloadable .key files, forms, or else. It is accepted that these gifts are bonuses and are a minor reason that motivates your application to join ECAA.


3.2 Please note that all listed companies are third-party partners. Therefore, neither said companies, nor ECAA guarantees that advertised services will be delivered in full, nor on time, nor delivered to every single applicant.


3.3 It is accepted that ECAA can under no circumstances be held responsible for any technical issue and/or dispute between you and the listed companies.


3.4 Except for ECAA Master Class, ECAA and its partners will make all possible efforts to deliver said gifts before the end of the application period which is 12/31/2019.


3.5 For ECAA’s live online Master Class you will be notified in advance of the date, hour and link on the email provided during your application process. Due to technical aspects outside of ECAA’s control, ECAA does not guarantee access to the online Master Class to every single applicant.



  1. Fees, Deposits & Tuition


4.1 Your application will be considered once the $249 application fee has been paid in full through SlideRoom portal.


4.2 There are no application fees waiver.


4.3 You can submit several applications.


4.4 Payment of application fees does not guarantee acceptance into our program.


4.5 Application fees are non-refundable. Multi-applications do not give access to any application fee discount.


4.6 There are no deposit required to secure a place on our program.


4.7 There are no tuition fees required to attend our program.



  1. Onsite-test liability


5.1 Whilst ECAA takes reasonable care to ensure the safety and security of its applicants whilst on ECAA’s campus and/or whilst using ECAA’s services, ECAA cannot accept responsibility, and expressly excludes liability, for loss or damage to your personal property (including computer equipment and software). You are advised to insure your property against theft and other risks.


5.2 ECAA shall not be held responsible for any injury to you (financial or otherwise), or for any damage to your property, caused by another applicant, or by any person who is not an employee or authorized representative of ECAA.


5.3 ECAA shall not be liable for failure to perform any obligations under the Contract if such failure is caused by any act or event beyond ECAA’s reasonable control including acts of God, war, terrorism, industrial disputes (including disputes involving ECAA’s employees), fire, flood, storm and national emergencies.



  1. Acceptance


6.1 Once notified of your acceptance into the next round of the admission process, you will be given 7 days to confirm your enrollment for the next round by written notice. Failure to confirm on time will result in cancellation of your application.


6.2 Once notified of your acceptance into ECAA’s program, you will be given 14 days to confirm your enrollment by written notice. Failure to confirm on time will result in cancellation of your enrollment.



  1. Immigration


7.1 If you are a national of a country outside the United States of America, you will need to demonstrate that you have a valid immigration status to undertake the program in full, which runs from the first day of September to three years later on the last day of July.


7.2  Please note that ECAA does not deliver visas to students.



  1. Data protection


8.1 ECAA holds information about all applicants. ECAA uses the information from your application:


8.1.1 to process your application, to collect feedback and to send you information about ECAA and its events, such as open days; and


8.1.2 if your application is successful ECAA will also use the information it holds about you to deliver the program, to provide educational and support services to you, to monitor your performance and attendance, to collect feedback and for management activities such as strategic planning, statistical analysis, equal opportunities monitoring and maintaining our IT systems.


8.2 ECAA may disclose your information to third parties. It is agreed that all submitted works of art in relation with the application process may be shared by ECAA for marketing purposes such as, but not limited to, publishing on our website, social media, and press releases. ECAA will inform you regarding use or disclosure of your information for any other purposes.


8.3 You may at any time ask for your personal information to be removed from our lists by emailing to If you do not want your art nor info to be shared with third-parties nor used for marketing purposes, you should inform ECAA immediately after submitting your application.



  1. General


9.1  The terms of the Contract shall only be enforceable by you and ECAA.


9.2 The Contract constitutes the entire agreement between you and ECAA in relation to the application process.


9.3 No failure or delay by ECAA or you to exercise any right or remedy provided under the Contract or by law shall constitute a waiver of that or any other right or remedy, nor shall it prevent or restrict the exercise of that or any other right or remedy.


9.4 If any provision or part-provision of the Contract is or becomes invalid, illegal or unenforceable, it shall be deemed modified to the minimum extent necessary to make it valid, legal and enforceable. If such modification is not possible, the relevant provision or part-provision shall be deemed deleted. Any modification to or deletion of a provision or part-provision shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the rest of the Contract.


9.5 The courts in Los Angeles, California, will have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim arising out of or in relation to the Contract and that in any such proceedings these terms and conditions and the Contract into which they are incorporated will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of California, USA.